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  • chels17 ( 48 / W / Rochester, NY )

    A fun date for me would be spending the day walking around a special event. Here there is the East Ave. Festival. To end the evening at a concert in the park would be perfect. OR carnivals are fun too. day trip to a natu...  read more >>

  • JustAVikingGuy ( 21 / M / Stoke-on-Trent, England - Staffordshire )

    I would like to take her to a dinner out, all dressed up and then get home and watch some movies. Also, I would just want to change into lazy clothes and order pizza and fall asleep together watching some dumb show (i kn...  read more >>

  • LazzaWannaPlay ( 41 / M / SYDNEY, New South Wales )

    anywhere that we can enjoy one another in good company, somewhere we can talk, giggle and chat away comfortably without too much interference, sitting a rivers edge or along the boardwalk at the beach. Anywhere is ok as...  read more >>

  • Kait_89 ( 29 / W / Taunton, England - Somerset )

    Netflix and chill

  • Demone49 ( 47 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    Some kind of theme park

  • jmwman ( 40 / M / Saint Charles, MO )

    Depends on the mood and company, however there is no better way to spend an afternoon or evening with exceptional company sharing dreams, stories, ideas, and lingering over a cup of something delicious!

  • BillyMcG26 ( 27 / M / Rancho Santa Margarita, CA )

    Anything should be fun when you're out with the right person.

  • Domcole33 ( 33 / W / Westmont, IL )

    I love nature and nice walks.

  • Lesympheas2 ( 54 / W / Frisco, TX )

    First of all..."stop txting and get on the phone" As you get to know one another, make a list of things he or she has mentioned in conversations. Pick a day that is nice and go on a scavenger hunt in the city l...  read more >>

  • Melissa_Nicole ( 31 / W / Houston, TX )

    I'm a foodie so I'm thinking a cooking class together or anywhere we can be around food and fun or somewhere we can be active like a mud or bubble run.

  • Beautiful53 ( 53 / W / Tampa, FL )

    That candlelight dinner and walk on the beach sounds great!

  • ___704___ ( 48 / M / Pineville, NC )

    Somewhere that isn't too loud so we can converse and get to know one another

  • Brightkind ( 56 / W / Budapest, Budapest )

    To leave home at the same time and going towards each other (on the shortest way) and meet where we can and then to decide together where to go.

  • _purpl3haz3 ( 20 / M / Svk, Zilinsky )

    Anything she wants :) OwO

  • Antoinette94 ( 24 / W / Washington, DC )

    Iā€™m very open to different things šŸ˜…

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